Cell Number  

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How to update your personal information........

Step 1:

By now you should have received 2 sms’s on your cell phone

Step 2:

Ensure that these sms’s are saved and the number is allocated to a speed dial
*Note the number will be in a *120*880*725628# (as per sms received) format

Step 3:

To complete the registration process please follow the steps below:
• Click on the GET PASSWORD button above
• Insert your Cell phone number and click on SUBMIT
• You will now receive a unique password via an sms on your cell phone
• You can now use this password to log in and update your personal information and protocols

*Note that there is a save button after every section

Step 4:

Updating of personal information and protocols:
• Click on EDIT and update information. Remember to click on the SAVE button in order to save information after each section

Note: Not all information on the system is mandatory, but bear in mind that the more information the Crisis Manager has the better your panic situation can be managed.

All information will be treated with complete confidentiality